Are rising rates bringing you down? There are options available to meet your home ownership needs. With a No Closing Cost Mortgage from Bank of Akron, you'll save time and money – now and for years to come!

Here’s what you can expect
  • No points, extra fees, or closing costs for a purchase or refinance1
  • 0.25% rate reduction when loan payment is automatically deducted from a Bank of Akron account
  • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is not required
  • Combine your first and second mortgage by refinancing your loan back into one
  • Flexible terms to fit your life and your loan
  • Save Money up from, when you need it most

To find out if this product fits your home ownership needs, please contact one of our mortgage experts today!

1.Valid on owner-occupied 1- 4 family residential properties. No closing costs means no: origination fee/points; application fee; flood check fee; credit report fee; appraisal fee; mortgage recording fee; abstract update or title search fee; lender title insurance fee; bank attorney fee; and mortgage recording tax. Property and flood insurance; owner title insurance; borrower’s attorney’s fees; and survey fees are the responsibility of the borrower. If the mortgage is paid off in the first 3 years from the origination date the Lender is entitled to the following prepayment penalty based on the outstanding balance: 2% for year 1; 2% for year 2; and 1% for year 3. Except for the aforementioned the Borrower may pay all or a portion of the amount owed earlier than it is due without penalty.