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Personal Checking

View a comparison chart of our personal checking accounts.

CashBack CHECKING:   Apply Now    
If you could choose between having a little money or a lot, who wouldn't choose a lot? We figured you'd say that; that's why we created this account. CashBack Checking puts a percentage of your debit card purchases back into your account each month, in the form of real cash back.

  • Qualifications based account
  • Nationwide ATM fee refunds
  • No minimum balance to earn rewards
  • No monthly service fee
  • FDIC insurance coverage
  • 24 Hour convenience via ATm, Telephone and Online access

If all you are looking for are the basics with no monthly service charge, then one of our Freedom Checking accounts may just be the right solution for you.  

  • Liquidity.
  • FDIC insurance coverage.
  • 24 Hour convenience via ATM, Telephone and Online access.
  • Direct deposit delivers your Social Security, Pension or Payroll income quickly and safely into your checking account for immediate availability.
  • Go paperless today with E-statements that provide the following benefits:
    • Secure: Reduces the risk of your statement getting lost or stolen
    • Convenient: View and download statement anywhere, anytime
    • Accessible: Retrieve up to 24 months of historical statements
    • Neater: Reduces paper clutter
    • Greener: Cuts down on paper use and helps protect the environment

Do you still want a low cost checking account that will provide you with a mailed monthly paper statement? Still want a checking account with no minimum balance required and no per check fee? This is the account for you! 

  • Liquidity.
  • FDIC insurance coverage.
  • 24 Hour convenience via ATM, Telephone and Online access.

NOW CHECKING:   Apply Now 
Why not have your personal transaction account work for you by allowing you to earn a favorable interest rate yet keeping funds liquid at the same time?

  • Competitive Interest Rate
  • Liquidity
  • FDIC insurance coverage
  • 24 Hour convenience via ATM, Telephone and Online access

Are you using financial software to manage your finances?  Would you like to download information about your account activity?  It is an easy proposition with Bank of Akronís on-line banking.

Simply log on to on-line banking.  Select an account from your account summary page and click on the Advanced History button.  Select the format and you are on your way.  You can download into Quicken, QuickBooks, Money, QIF or into EXCEL or into a comma delineated format.   

Not using Bank of Akronís on-line banking service?  What are you waiting for?  Enroll Now