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Online Banking Features

Getting started is easy.   Complete the enrollment form below (Enroll Now) and submit.  We will get your on-line accounts set up and provide you with an e-mail when your account is ready to log on for the first time.   The first time log-on is available as a link on this page.   Simply follow the steps and you will be set to go.   If you wish you can preview the first time log-on process, the demo site also provided as a link on this page.  If you have any questions or problems getting logged on please call us at 716-542-5401.

Account balances can be view from the landing page.  The available balance shows your current available balance, including any items that have cleared throughout the day thus far.

Account history can be seen under the Account tab.  First, select an account. Then, select any other search options (date range, transaction type, check number etc.).

Check images can be viewed from your account history page.  Click on the check number and select view item.

A net of pending items can be seen under the Accounts tab, under account details.  This page allows you, not only to view a total pending amount, but also any uncollected funds, holds on your account, and interest rate.

E-statements can be viewed under the Accounts tab.  Select the account, and a date range that would contain the statement you are looking for.  Please note that statements for personal accounts are cut on the 10th of every month, and statements for non-personal accounts are cut at the end of the month.   

Account alerts can be set up for a number of circumstances.  They can set to e-mail or text message you if your loan payment is overdue, checking account is below a certain balance, a check has cleared or for various other notifications.  Alerts are set up under the Accounts tab.

You can now stop payment on a check through internet banking.  This feature is found under the Accounts tab.  Please note there is a fee for this service.

Account transfers can be set up through the Transfer/Loan Payment tab.  Transfers can be conducted on a one time, future or a recurring basis. 

Bank of Akron loan payments can be made through the Transfer/Loan Payment tab.  Payments can be made as Regular Payment, Principal Only, Loan Payoff, or in the case of LOC Pay to Zero.  Payments are also able to be scheduled as immediate, future or recurring.  Please note that making multiple Regular Payments will pay future months’ payments.  If you wish to pay extra, please use the Principal Only payment after making a regular payment.

Bill Payments can be made through our website under the Bill Pay tab.  You must first set up your bill payment account. Then, enter your payees’ information.  Click on Enter Payments. Put in your payment information, click submit, and click submit again.   Record your confirmation number for future reference. 

You can nickname your accounts to help keep it clear which account is which.  Under the Options tab, select account nicknames.  Please note that you should only change one nickname at a time. 

A2A or account to account transfers will soon be possible.  You will be able to transfer money into and out of the Bank of Akron. 

Mobile Banking is now available on your smart phone.  Your cell phone can do almost anything your computer can, and do it securely. There is no app to download.  Simply use your browser to go to www.bankofakron.com.   Go to online banking, and log in as you would with your computer. 

You can now transfer money to another Bank of Akron customer.  All you need is their account type and number.  Using the Transfer/ Loan Payment tab, select customer to customer transfer.  Enter an account number, CK for checking or SV for savings, and the account holder’s last name.  Money can only be transferred into another customer’s account, not out of. 

Business customers can also upload ACH payroll files or use the bank software to create a payroll file under the Cash Management tab.

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