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Have you ever forgotten to record a check in your check book?  Do you just hate to pay overdraft fees?   Do you need some flexibility when the bills come in?  Here is the answer.  A line of credit that covers those times when you need to write a check and a few extra dollars are needed.  Never pay another overdraft fee.

We all need reliable transportation. Is it time to trade in your car or truck? Does the vehicle you need seem a little out of reach?  Do you need financing that fits your budget?­­­ Then it is time to talk with your Bank of Akron lender about a loan that is right for you.  Reasonable rates and extended terms make financing your next vehicle affordable.   Contact us for current rates and terms.

It is time to have some fun! How does a new snowmobile sound?  Maybe a motorcycle is your idea of freedom on the road.  Is a four-wheeler the answer?  Or is it the ability to pack up the family and travel.  Whether it is a pop-up camper or something a bit more comfortable we have the financing to make life fun.

There are always bills to pay, but sometimes they get a little beyond the regular budget. A major appliance breaks down, the roof gets a leak.  It could be anything.  Then there are those other financing needs like helping your children through college. If you need financing that is there when you need it, no waiting, a home equity line of credit is your answer. Freedom Equity has the flexibility you need to structure your payment plan to your advantage.  Lock in a portion of your borrowings at a low fixed rate. Talk with a consumer loan specialist for details on how you can make the most of your biggest asset, your home.

CREDIT CARDS:   Apply Now    Disclosures
How many different credit cards are there? There are lots of different cards with lots of hidden costs.  How about a credit card with no surprises?  How about a card with a modest interest rate that wonít jump the first time you miss a payment?   Bank of Akronís credit card is a no frills, no nonsense card that gives you all the convenience of a card with none of the hidden fees.   Tired of surprises?   Come in and get a Bank of Akron credit card and feel confident that you are getting a good deal.

Do you need up to the minute balance or billing information for your Bank of Akron credit card?  Go to Mycardstatement.com for all the answers.