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Online Banking FAQ's

Online Banking Access/ Security

How do I register for online banking?

Online banking enrollment can be done in person or over the phone.  As we enroll you, we will give you a username and temporary password.  Once you have these, you may go onto the Bank of Akron website and register as a new user at your convenience.  You will be prompted to change your password (must be 8-12 characters).

Is there any way to skip the random code and security question?

Yes, under Options, you can download the secure login and save it to your desktop.  This will create an icon that will take you directly to the page asking you for your password on that PC only.  Please note that doing this eliminates those security features.

How can I change my security questions?

If your security questions are not preventing you from logging in, you can change your security questions under the Options tab.  Change the question(s) you want to and click submit.

If your security questions are preventing you from logging in, you can call the bank, and speak with an online specialist.  We can reset your account so you are able to login as a registered user who has not set up their security information. 

My Accounts

Why can’t I see all my accounts anymore? 

In order to be viewed online, certain types of accounts need to be manually triggered for online use.  If there is a specific account you would like to access online that you cannot see, you can send us a message through the bank website or call and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives. 

Where are my pending items?  

Pending items are only able to be viewed as a total value under Account Details as “Transactions Today”. 

Why can’t I transfer to/from one of my accounts?

You must first select an account to transfer money from then choose a receiving account.  If an account is in the “From Account” field it will not be available in the “To Account” field.

Some types of accounts are not available for online transfers.  If you have any questions please call the bank to speak to a Customer Service Representative or Online Banking Specialist. 

What are uncollected funds?

Uncollected funds are non-Bank of Akron items deposited to an account but not yet collected from their source financial institutions.  Generally uncollected funds take two business days to clear into an account.  These funds are able to be viewed under account details after selecting the account you deposited the checks into.  Drawing on these funds will incur a fee for each instance.

How do I sign up for e-statements?

If you are enrolled for online banking, you already are.  All online customers are able to view their statements through the bank website.  To view e-statements, use the Accounts tab, select an account, and choose any date range that contains the end date of the statement(s) you wish to view.  Click submit, then view item. 

Why not go green?  If you no longer wish to receive paper statements, you can contact us and we can turn off the printing of your statements.

When do my statements print?

Personal account statements are generated on the 10th of every month.

Business account statements are generated at the end of the month.

Bill Payments

Where do I make a loan payment?

Payments to Bank of Akron loans are made under the Transfer/Loan Payment tab as, either recurring or one time payments.  Loans with other financial institutions are made with the Bill Payment tab after entering the other financial institution as a payee.   

Where can I see my bill pay history?

This is seen under the Bill Pay tab as bill pay history.  You need to select a date range, and then you can choose a specific payee or view all. 

How do I edit or delete a bill payment?

Bill payments dated for the future may be edited or deleted using the Scheduled Payments button under the Bill Pay tab.  

How can I contact the Bank of Akron?

You can call the bank during normal business hours at 542-5401.

You can also send us a message while you are logged into the website.  This can be done with the Options tab.

Can I reorder checks online?

Currently checks can only be reordered in person at any of your locations or over the phone with a Customer Service Representative. 

How do I buy bonds online?

For the remainder of this year bonds are available for purchase in person at any of our locations.

Bonds can also be purchased online directly from the Treasury website. This will be the only way to purchase a savings bond effective January 1st 2012, as the Treasury is eliminating paper bonds.